Anodizing - Flexible Anodizing

Flexible Anodizing

pe power supply units and controllers for Anodizing and aluminium colouring processes

Surface treatment of aluminium with anodizing or hard-anodizing belongs to the most wide-spread method of decorative and functional coating. The precise control of current and voltage is also the decisive point here for the quality of the layers produced and the efficiency of the process. plating electronic power supplies using the proven switch mode technology for anodizing applications make the decisive difference here.

Switch mode technology offers numerous advantages through the use of high-frequency technology compared to conventional rectifiers with regulating transformer or thyristor technology. The main advantages are: compact construction, high degree of efficiency, water cooling and the protection class IP 54.

Programmable control unit pe280 Anodzing

  • Automatic current density and anodizing process regulation
  • Automatic surface scanning and master value correction

Programmable control unit pe280

  • For process regulation of hard-anodising and titanium anodizing

Pe ANODZING COLOUR universal DC/AC rectifier and control system: you specify the process times, not your process. Thanks to our switch mode technology and the specially developed colouring controller, you can realise a variable sinusoidal waveform for the colouring process with our pe ANODIZING COLOUR system.

You can prolong the colouring time of lighter colours, achieving a greater and more reproducible colour accuracy as required. With darker colours, in contrast, you can shorten colouring times and therefore increase the bath throughput - thus saving energy.

Use these unique possibilities to optimise your quality and productivity while reducing costs. The pe ANODZING COLOUR system makes it possible.

We have the proven DC/AC pulse technology

The power source pe87 DW COLOUR POWER PULSE with the latest switch mode technology and water cooling is the ideal, compact power supply unit for the anodising sector and for electrolytic colouring of aluminium in the two-step process: AC or DC/AC method. The unlimited power increase is made possible with parallel connections so that pe ANODIZING Colour can cover a wide range of applications.

The combination of the pe87 DW COLOUR POWER PULSE power supply with our user-friendly controller pe8705 offers you the maximum operating comfort for your process sequences. Functions such as individually adjustable set value ramps and universal AC sinus frequency and amplitude functions guarantee you a higher system availability and optimised energy management. You control the processes and influence the colouring time and colour shades when using our combination.

The plating electronic range in the ANODZING sector

  • pe ANODIZING COLOUR: pulse power supplies pe87 DW COLOUR POWER PULSE series for the aluminium colouring process AC or DC/AC method
  • pe8705 ANODZING- COLOUR: programmable control unit for the aluminium colouring process
  • POWER STATIONs: DC rectifiers for demanding anodising applications
  • pe280 ANODZING: automatic current density and anodising process regulation
  • pe280: programmable control unit  for hard-anodizing and titanium anodizing
pe280 control unit ELOXAL

pe280 ANODIZING Control Unit

  • Compact, robust design, acid resistant membrane keyboard
  • Easy operation