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Intelligent communication and controller connections for DC rectifiers and Pulse Reverse power supplies

Perfect integration of DC rectifiers and fieldbus communication devices into your PLC for controlling your electrochemical process. 

The efficiency and success of electrochemical processes in industry and research depend on the optimal control integration of all components. Only when all components harmonise with each other can an efficient production process be ensured. The individual control connections from plating electronic create secure connections to the central control of your electrochemical process and its power supply. Whether Profibus, Profinet, EtherCAT, TCP/IP, RS485 or other communication systems - plating electronic provides you with the perfectly matched interface to suit your plating electronic power supply and your plant. You can adapt your control functions individually at any time via interface telegrams or analogue control signals. In this way, the ideal combination of power supply and communication connection is achieved - safely, efficiently and fully controllable

Networked DC rectifiers for even more options

Intelligent networking of several POWER STATION DC rectifiers or POWER PULSE  Pulse-Reverse power supplies and the system controller opens up a wide range of possibilities for individually coordinated control. For more functionality, more operating comfort and more energy efficiency of your industrial systems.

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