Development - Thinking ahead

Development - Always thinking one step ahead

Yardsticks can only be set by whoever is at the forefront

All technologies and markets are subject to continuous development - including our products and solutions. But we go a few steps further. With our objective of remaining the global technological leader in power supplies for electrochemical systems and processes and to achieve the best possible benefits for our customers, the constant search for new routes and even better solutions is simply a part of our daily routine.

Further development is already integrated in our company culture through the high degree of individualisation in our POWER STATION rectifiers and POWER PULSE-REVERSE power supplies, as well as in our frequently complex customer projects. We can provide important impetus in the further development of processes and technologies through our constant dialogue with our customers and scientific research institutes. At the same time, the latest developments and knowledge, together with the resulting exigencies, flow directly into our products and projects.

Obvious progress

This is most apparent through the greater technological innovations. One of these was and still is the water cooling of our power supply units. This makes it possible to better protect electronics from the aggressive ambient air. This also makes the units more compact in structure. Both these points in turn have an effect on the entire system design: the power sources can be positioned closer to the process and require less space. This already reduces system costs during construction and during operation.

Innovation driver in pulse technology

Probably the most important field is the role of plating electronic in the further development of pulsed power technology. This not only includes the constant improvement of our POWER PULSE-REVERSE power supplies, but also the search for the "perfect wave" for various processes and application fields. plating electronic has been one of the leading figures from the beginning in this area and has significantly contributed towards expanding this innovative technology in cooperation with customers and research. Some of the results have also been published in books and specialist articles. As a customer of plating electronic, you are essentially sitting at the source of innovation.

Going forward when others are at a standstill

Even apparently matured product areas, such as DC rectifiers and processes, still offer room for innovation. Whether through optimised enclosure forms, simplified operation or software for better control. Even here, we stay on top of things.

Always setting new yardsticks

So it continues. We are delighted each time we can open up new paths with and for our customers, leading to improved results, decreasing costs and increasing energy efficiency. This constant attraction of innovation is a highly motivating force that fascinates and drives all employees at plating electronic. Constant development is simply in our blood.

Development - Employees of plating electronic in the development of new products

Setting yardsticks

  • Daily search for even better solutions
  • Development as part of the company culture
  • Water cooling as a technological milestone
  • Innovation driver in pulse technology
  • Constant further development of currently applied technologies

Profound knowledge

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