Environment - Sustainability as a guiding principle

Environment - Sustainability as a guiding principle

We take our responsibility seriously

It is almost a matter of course these days, thankfully, that companies take responsibility for the environment, climate and resource protection. But it is a particular obligation to take this responsibility even more seriously in the energy and resource intensive industries and applications. The electroplating industry has recognized the necessity for ecological handling and has done some significant catching up in this sector over the past few years.

Consistent motivation with concrete results

It is not just a moral and economic requirement for us, but a consistent motivation to search for even more energy efficient and resource conserving methods. The guiding principle underlying sustainability characterises our actions from project and product development right up to production and implementation. This is best seen in the specific figures of previously realized projects: above all, in the lower power consumption and the resulting permanently lowering costs. Even the lower use of materials, i.e. reduced consumption of valuable raw materials, can also be proven.

Ask us about it. We will be happy to explain.

Living sustainability as a guiding principle

True to our guiding principle searching for energy efficient and sustainable solutions, we are approaching our goal of climate neutral production by installation of a 265 kWPeak photovoltaic system on our production site. This system will enable a sustainable on site energy supply for production and testing purposes, covering a big share of the annual energy needs of plating. This future orientated investment allows an excellent position to deal with coming challenges concerning mobility aspects and further development of energy prices.

Sustainability as a guiding principle

  • Environment, climate and resource protection as a particular obligation in electroplating
  • We search actively for energy-efficient and resource-conserving methods
  • Recognition of our efforts through the 1st Leipzig Galvanopreis in environmental engineering in 2010