Our beliefs - Best climate for first-class services

Our convictions - Best climate for first-class performance

Prerequisites for permanent success

Permanent success can only develop when the prerequisites are right. Market and customer orientation are of course a fundamental basis of our company business. But several more things are necessary to be able to permanently set international yardsticks. These convictions help us here.

Cooperative and individually responsible company culture

All plating electronic products must meet the highest of requirements. In addition, most POWER STATION rectifiers, POWER PULSE-REVERSE power supplies, controllers and control units are individually tailored to the respective customer and project requirements. This means that every employee at plating electronic is constantly aware, and takes responsibility, for their role in the production process.

This is only possible if the environment is right, when everyone goes to work with enthusiasm and motivation, and when each person can express, include and develop themselves. A cooperative leadership style and fair handling are the basis for a team that can permanently offer first-class performance - and have every right to be proud about it.

Social responsibility

"Made in Germany" is not just a quality designation for plating electronic, but also an acknowledgment of social responsibility within Europe. We feel responsible for our employees and their families. They have all contributed to the success story of plating electronic - and will continue to do so in the future. They are involved in the company and its customers, providing the company with their knowledge, skill, enthusiasm and experience. It is a part of our company responsibility to maintain these matured structures, using them to grow and impress on a global level.

Leaders in technologies and processes

Electroplating, surface treatments for aluminium, PCB production or water treatment - all fields are subject to constant development. plating electronic can only maintain and expand its leading market position when we stay on top of technological development in all areas. Regardless of whether we looking at pulse-reverse power supplies, DC rectifiers or unit control. This is a basic prerequisite for all our business operations.

User-friendly solutions

It may be surprising to some to find this requirement in our basic convictions. But the statement is not trivial in the slightest. We are dealing with complex technologies and processes. We work at the cutting edge of design rectifier systems and processes.

But how easily can productivity and energy efficiency - even after careful planning and implementation - be compromised during operation because the system is not optimally set up? One of our most important aims in product development is therefore simple operation, enabling secure control of complicated processes and minimising sources of error from the start.

Our beliefs - User-friendly solutions

This is what we are committed to

  • Market and customer orientation are the basis of success
  • Employees accept responsibility
  • Cooperation and fairness guarantee commitment and motivation
  • We take corporate responsibility seriously
  • Only leading technologies and processes lead to first class solutions
  • Complex processes must be easy to operate