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Plasma coatings – Wafer-thin and extremely durable

POWER PULSE high-voltage pulse rectifier for molecular precision in plasma

Plasma-chemical coatings are known internationally under a variety of names. They are referred to as electro ceramic coating, plasma chemical oxidation (PCO®), plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) or micro arc oxidation (MAO).

Using these processes, very precise and resilient ceramic-like coatings can be produced on light metals such as aluminium, titanium, magnesium and their alloys. They protect the substrate extremely reliably against corrosion and wear – particularly in highly corrosive areas and with high mechanical strain.  They also convince with excellent chemical and temperature resistance, as well as extremely high abrasion resistance.

The precision of the coating which, depending on the application, is between 5 and 50 µm thick and must be as even as possible is crucial for reliable protection. The POWER PULSE high-voltage pulsed current sources from plating electronic make a significant contribution to this.

Varying coating properties – through controlled voltage and current pulses

The POWER PULSE high-voltage pulse rectifiers work in the 500 to 800 Volt range. They ensure rapid and precise rise and fall times for the pulse currents at very high frequencies – up to two or up to four kilohertz, depending on the design and area of application.

The properties of the coating can be varied through the composition of the electrolytes and through the electrical parameters of the process. With the POWER PULSE high-voltage pulsed direct current sources, we can precisely control all electronic manipulated variables: pulse sequence, pulse voltages, current density, polarity, working cycles and frequencies.

With the POWER PULSE high-voltage pulsed direct current sources, you rely on our many years of experience and expertise in the precise control of pulsed voltage and pulsed current and the development of high-precision pulsed current sources and pulsed voltage sources.

Keep your coating processes precisely under control at all times with plasma chemical oxidation and the coating properties – with POWER PULSE high-voltage technology from plating electronic.

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