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plating electronic ANODZING and aluminium - The efficient route to your desired colour

pe ANODIZING COLOUR - Power supply units and controllers for ANODIZING and aluminium colouring processes

With pe ANODZING COLOUR, plating electronic has combined the new, energy-saving power supply technology pe87 DW COLOUR POWER PULSE with the easy to operate colouring controller pe8705. pe ANODZING COLOUR therefore ensures optimal colouring results for these processes:

  • Electrolytic colouring of aluminium in the two-step process: AC or DC/AC method.
  • Interference colouring of aluminium through pore modification.
  • In addition, the pe8705 control system is equipped with universal AC sinus frequency and amplitude function. This increases system availability and optimises your energy management.
  • pe ANODZING COLOUR from plating electronic is also perfectly suitable for upgrading existing systems.
  • Use pe ANODZING COLOUR for more operating piece of mind, colour reliability, energy efficiency and greater productivity. It is worth it to you.
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