Products - Unique variety: "Made in Germany"

Products - Unique diversity: "Made in Germany"

plating electronic products

You benefit from the unusual breadth and depth of our product range. Be it POWER STATION DC rectifiers or POWER PULSE-REVERSE  power supplies, control units, controllers or accessories - plating electronic develops your complete turnkey power supply package.

Superior switch mode technology

We consistently rely on switch mode technology for our power supply units. They are far superior to conventional rectifiers and offer you a range of decisive advantages.

Your advantages with switch mode technology

  • Peak control accuracy of 98-99%: this enables better quality through higher reproducibility of your processes.
  • Cost reduction through less space requirements and lower conduction losses: because our compact water-cooled power supply units can be directly installed at the treatment bath.
  • Power factor of 0.95 in 3-phase units: significant energy savings possible compared to conventional rectifiers.
  • Low residual ripple of less than 2%: offers quality advantages in numerous coating processes
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Unique variety: „Made in Germany“