Control units -
Everything precisely under control

Control units – The ideal communication interface to our POWER STATION rectifiers

The better the individual components harmonise with each other, the better the performance of the entire system. This is why plating electronic offers matching pe control units. They ensure optimal control of the rectifiers and ensure, through individual settings, the complete control of your processes.

You can individually match the plating electronic control units to your process through numerous optional functions.


Control unit with multifunctional LCD meters for manual or automatic control of POWER STATION DC-rectifiers

application/pdf Download Data Sheet pe280 (263.3 kB)


Control unit with multifunctional LCD meters to control anodizing applications in manual or automatic mode

application/pdf Download Data Sheet pe280 ANODIZING (385.3 kB)


Control unit with multifunctional graphic display  for manual or automatic control  of POWER PULSE – Pulse Reverse Power supplies

application/pdf Download Data Sheet pe8005 (513.0 kB)


Control unit for manual or automatic control of  anodizing- and colouring processes, modification of pore structure for interference and electrolytic colouring of aluminium.

application/pdf Download Data Sheet pe8705 (753.3 kB)

Benefit from customised control concepts

You benefit from greater process safety, better results, quality and extremely simplified and reliable operation with our individually equipped control units.

Optimally tailored to the efficiency of our POWER STATION rectifiers, these units allow you to exploit all the options in electrochemical processes.