PLASMA generators -
For surfaces with a future

i-PULSE plasma generators support the key technologies of tomorrow

Be it sunglasses, glass facades or electromobility – Surface treatment with plasma coatings have a wide application range. The i-PULSE plasma generators are precisely made to ensure unique results in industry and research.

Leading sputter technology on a scientific basis

The i-PULSE generators are the result of our close cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Electron Beam and Plasma Technology (FEP) in Dresden. They ensure a precise power supply for Pulse Magnetron Sputter systems (PMS). The i-PULSE are special POWER PULSE units, specifically tailored to the requirements of plasma coating processes.

Unique arc management

Overvoltages produced during the process, the so-called arcs, are safely brought under control with the i-PULSE units using a unique method. The arcs are detected, classified, counted and precisely disposed of.

This is why i-PULSE plasma generators from plating electronic are the first choice for innovative pulse magnetron sputter systems.

Talk to our plasma specialists about i-PULSE and the PMS highlights of pulse technology.‚‚