Pulsplating - Set the beat in the pulse

Pulse plating - Setting the pulse cycle

plating electronic characterises the pulse technology

plating electronic was one of the pioneers and innovation drivers in pulse and pulse-reverse processes right from the beginning with their POWER PULSE –REVERSE power supplies. Together with customers and research institutes, we not only targeted the power supply itself, but the entire process as a matter of course. plating electronic has therefore played a significant part in establishing this superior process in ever more application areas and industries.

Better results

Pulse technology has proven its advantages in numerous demanding applications, e.g. aerospace. Pulse deposition provides more exact results for high-performance functional and decorative coatings. It ensures the production of denser, pore-free and corrosion-stable alloy layers. This pulsing process ensures extremely uniform coatings, even with complex material geometries. The resulting coating characteristics e.g. hardness, can also be specifically improved. The combination with dispersion coating makes it possible to provide coatings with further, specific properties.

More effective processes

In addition, processing time is reduced, thereby increasing your system throughput. High-value raw materials can be used more sparingly due to the lower layer thicknesses. And, mechanical post-processing is significantly reduced.

This has all led to the technology expanding away from its origins in wafer production, to the PCB industry and precious metal plating, and becoming ever more widespread.

plating electronic on top of development

This is why we continue to pursue the questions: how can we optimise the process, achieve even better results, and improve energy efficiency? The keys are increasingly precise control of pulse sequences and the ideal combination of the process variables, current density, polarity, work cycles and frequencies.

At the same time, the electroplating system hardware design has to be improved: the chemicals, the bath components, the power supply lines, the power supply, the control unit and the controller connection. The ideal process is based on the optimal combination of these components.

How do you want to use pulse technology?

plating electronic is in the development lead in all these areas. We are therefore your ideal contact when it is a case of improving your pulse plating system or if you want to start out from scratch in this future-oriented technology. Use the potential of this demanding technology - with a partner at your side who knows more about pulse power supplies than just about anyone else. In the whole world.

Profound knowledge

You can get the latest Pulse-Plating-book, written in collaboration with our pulse-specialists.

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