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pulse and pulse reverse DC power supplies

The series POWER PULSE from plating electronic is the ideal pulse or pulse reverse DC power supply for running your industrial or research system.

plating electronic has been one of the innovation drivers behind this demanding technology right from the start. You can match the current curves and voltage sequences ideally to your applications with our POWER PULSE REVERSE power supply units. This allows the process sequence and the coating characteristics of the finished workpiece to be controlled in a manner that is not possible with conventional power supplies.

The extremely high control accuracy and rapid switching times ensure an optimal pulse, peak precision and long-term reproducibility. Exploit the advantages of pulse technology for your company. plating electronic is your  ideal, innovative and competent  partner for this.
By using POWER PULSE DC power supplies you will get highest precision and quality, resulting in constant workpiece output and a measureable efficiency increase

POWER PULSE – all advantages at a glance

  • resources and material saving design
  • complex pulse waveforms
  • control deviation and resulting ripple < 1 %
  • almost upright curve shape

Meeting the requirements of the industry for smaller and more powerful printed circuit boards, the hole diameters, conductor tracks and gaps on these boards are getting smaller and smaller. With standard DC coating applications, it is not possible to meet these requirements. Here, DC pulse technology is the ideal application for coating applications to meet the demanded values on sizes and accuracy.
Pulse plating technology is able to perform at a high aspect ratio. For example an aspect ratio of 17:1 and a drilling diameter of 150 µm mean that the possible conducted drilling depth is 150 µm x 17 = 2550 µm =2,55 mm. That means, the minimal drilling diameter for a PCB of 1700 µm is 1700 µm / 17 = 100 µm. That means, for a PCB with 1700 µm, the minimum drill diameter =1700 µm / 17 = 100 µm. Even the prevention of the so-called “Dog Bone Effect” is possible, by using pulse technology. 

On an economic and ecological point of view, the pulse technology provides further optimization potential, e.g. for:

  • reduced cycle period
  • even surface with thinner coating layers
  • reduced secondary treatment of the workpiece
  • higher quality coating

All POWER PULSE REVERSE power supply units are designed to be robust, safe and durable in operation. Benefit from our leading specialist knowledge and our comprehensive experience in this special and highly efficient technology. We can advise you in detail on the basis of your specific requirements and we will find your optimal pulse power supply for your application.

Profound knowledge

You can order the latest Pulse-Plating-book, written in collaboration with our pulse-specialists.

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