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Numerous individual power supplies

The customer spectrum and the application areas for our power supply solutions are as diverse as our products: from precious metal plating for cutlery and Swiss watches, PCBs for communication technology (e.g. smartphones), anodised and coloured aluminium profiles for building facades, cathodic dip coating of car bodies all the way up to scientific applications and electrolytic water treatment.

For which processes can we provide you with the appropriate power supplies?

Example references in Europe

  • Atotech Deutschland GmbH - Electroplating technology
  • ASTRIUM GmbH - Aerospace
  • BIA Kunststoff- und Galvanotechnik GmbH CO. KG - Plastic electroplating
  • Collini AG - Surface finishes
  • CST GmbH - Surface finishes
  • Enayati GmbH Co. KG- Selective plating
  • Hansgrohe AG -  Manufacturer of fixtures, showers and showersystems
  • mbw Group -Metal finishing
  • MSP Müller Spot Plating GmbH - Contract processing
  • RENA International - Mechanical engineering
  • Robbe & Berking GmbH - Silver manufacturer
  • Sapa GmbH - Aluminium profiles
  • Schaeffler AG - Mechanical engineering/Automotive supplier
  • Schily - Aluminium anodizing
  • Siemens AG Berlin - Electroplating surface technology
  • Silhoutte international - Model spectacles
  • Silhorko-Eurowater A/S - Water treatment
  • SMK/Sächsische Metall- und Kunststoffveredelungs GmbH - Plastic finishing/Plastic electroplating
  • Swarowski KG - Crystal glass art manufacturer

Example references in Asia

  • DAEDUCK Electronics Co. Ltd. - PCB manufacturing
  • ISU Petasys Co. Ltd. - PCB manufacturing
  • Linxens - Electronics

Example references in Australia

  • AGL Energy Ltd. - Water treatment
  • Perth Mint Refinery - Electrolytic Refining
  • Solahart Industries Pty Ltd - Black Chrome Electroplating

Example references in the USA

  • SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts  - Selective Electroplating Technology
References - Customers in Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA
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