Software - programmed for best performance

Software - Programmed for the best performance

pe software – The ideal supplement for full control and maximum security

Customised controller software is part of a perfect process. plating electronic offers you the appropriate, proven and continuously upgraded software for all its POWER STATIONs and POWER PULSE-REVERSE  power supplies.

The pe software controls and monitors your process power supplies, recording all essential process parameters such as e.g. current, voltage and ampere hours at individually adjustable intervals. So that you have the data to hand at any time in order to control and constantly improve your electrochemical processes in detail.

Simply user-friendly and constantly upgraded

The easy to understand and user-friendly interface awaits you after the simple installation on modern Windows PCs and connection to your rectifier system. The pe software provides you with a precise overview and secure handling of all electrical process factors.

Our constantly expanding experience gained from diverse projects and comprehensive customer feedback flows directly into the further development of our pe software. This means you are always up to date with regards to process control systems as a pe software user.

Test the pe software now

Try out our free demo version in English and let yourself be impressed by the numerous advantages. Let our specialists advise you individually on how you can best profit from the software-based process control system made by plating electronic.

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