Power supplies for special applications plating electronic has the right solution

DC rectifiers and pulse reverse DC power supplies for special applications 

Customized DC rectifeirs for specific applications.

The development and productions of customised power supplies has been one of our core competencies since 1987. With individual solutions in the field of direct current sources and pulsed current sources, we can supply our customers with power supplies precisely tailored to their specific 

The development and production of DC rectifiers and Pulse-Reverse power supplies for electrochemical processes and special applications in industry and research takes place in-house at our company. For our customers, this means that no matter what type of power supply you need for your application, we develop and build the DC or Pulse Reverse power supply that is precisely tailored to your requirements. Of course, this includes the appropriate control units, software, communication connections and interfaces. 

Examples of applications for our individual power supplies in industry and research are for example  scientific test systems and test benches or power sources for medical technology, rides and installations with specific requirement profiles. In addition, we also accompany individual projects where highly reliable and precise currents are required. 

Tell us the requirements for your special application. We’ll build you the right power supply. Let our experts for special applications advise you now!