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Surface and electroplating technology - Secure basis for first-class coatings

plating electronic for surface finishing and electroplating technology

Electroplating already has a long history behind it and yet it is still continuing to develop even further. Ever more application areas require high-quality functional and decorative surface coatings. The process quality requirements also continue to increase: ever thinner, precisely distributed layers need to be applied with the greatest of precision, low energy consumption and the best mechanical properties.

Developed for constantly rising requirements

POWER STATION rectifiers and POWER PULSE-REVERSE  power supplies made by plating electronic are designed precisely to meet these rising demands. Innovative technologies and impressive performances, such as the digital switch mode technology, high degree of efficiency, minimum residual ripple and peak control accuracy, all open up new opportunities and reliably guarantee the availability and the accuracy of your coating systems.

The ultra-compact construction of the power sources with water cooling and the variety of air-cooled power supplies smooth the way for new, efficient system designs. All this makes plating electronic power supply units the first choice in surface finishing and electroplating technologies.

Process power supplies: completely from plating electronic

As a system supplier, plating electronic does not just supply the hardware precisely designed for continuous operation. We also supply you with everything necessary for operation: control units, accessories, interface technology and the appropriate software - all from one source.

plating electronic - for the best possible continuous operation and best possible added value for your electroplating systems. From desktop unit to complete system: why should you be satisfied with anything less?

  • A centuries old technology that is continuously perfected
  • Innovative technologies secure the accuracy of your coating systems
  • Electroplating systems as complete systems from plating electronic