Your benefit - Taking the lead together

Your benefits - Staying ahead together

This is how you benefit from our services

You have a partner in plating electronic who can offer you an individual, state of the art solution for any power supply requirements you may have. We will upgrade your systems with state of the art technology and make your processes safe and sustainable together with you. Use our experience and know how to strengthen your market position.

Unique solutions for your requirements

Our deep understanding of the ideal power supplies for your processes, our decades of experience and our fundamental approach, guarantee that you obtain unique solutions perfectly meeting your requirements.

Always the appropriate products

You benefit from the unusual breadth and depth of our product range. Be it POWER STATION DC rectifiers or POWER PULSE-REVERSE power supplies, control units or controllers - you will get complete power supply solutions from one source at plating electronic.

Optimally utilising pulse technology

The possibilities inherent in pulse technology are still not exploited to the full. You will have a pioneer of this versatile process at your side with plating electronic. So that we can jointly discover how you can best benefit from this innovative technology.

Numerous special solutions

plating electronic is your global development partner of special solutions for your electrochemical systems. Do you have a new challenge to develop a process even further? Let us do it together. Use our comprehensive specialist knowledge and our wide-ranging experience for your benefit. We can open up new routes together.

Safely mastering complex requirements

Our developers know how to convert complex requirements into reliable, practice-oriented and easy to operate power supply solutions. We have the products and the know-how for you to securely master your challenges.

Your benefit - Control complex requirements safely

What you profit from

  • Individual, technologically leading services at all times
  • Unusual product range and scope for optimal power supplies
  • Optimal utilisation of pulse technology
  • Joint mastery of new challenges
  • Reliably meeting complex requirements
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