E-coating rectifiers - The paint stays put – uniformly and everywhere

E-coating rectifiers - The paint stays put – uniformly and everywhere

pe voltage sources for E-coating

When it comes down to the exact reproduction of the thinnest of paint coats, the plating electronic voltage sources can really show their strengths. High voltages and low residual ripple ensure uniform distribution of the pigments. Further highlights, such as individual control of each electrolyte cell, also make plating electronic POWER STATIONs the first choice for your best possible results.

Your advantages with optimised power supplies

  • The overall results of E-coating using the optimised plating electronic voltage supply and controller show a general improvement in product quality
  • Better surface structure of the coating
  • Better inner coating
  • Better cavity coating (wrapping)
  • Better coating layer distribution

Further process sequence advantages also apply:

  • Increase in production cycle times
  • Reduction of exposure time
  • Reduction of paint consumption

This also shows how leading technology can unify better quality, lower process costs and increase productivity. Talk to us so that we can find out together how profitable it would be for you to optimise your E-coating process.